Colby (Cole) Barnum Wright grew up in San Antonio, TX.  After studying music theory and composition, and opera performance, at the University of Texas in Austin, Wright moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997.  Initially wanting to be an artist, he ended up playing piano and singing backgrounds for numerous major label artists on the road.

After a few years, the realization set in that he wanted to do something different.  A woman by the name of Liz Rose (yes THAT Liz Rose!) and the amazing Kingsley Brock hired him to be the creative director at King Lizard Music.  Cole had great success, but unfortunately the company closed,  and his next job would become  a turning point in his life.

Wright accepted a managing position at Marathon Key Music, a co-venture between Warner Chappell Music and world famous guitarist and producer, Billy Joe Walker, Jr.   After four years of being in the studio with Travis Tritt, Tracy Byrd, Pam Tillis, Bryan White, and others, he left and moved to Island Bound Music.  He ran the super giant independent publishing company for 2 years, managing the catalogs of Roger Cook, Leslie Satcher, Harley Allen, Max T. Barnes, Steve Jones, Rock Killough, Mark Collie, and numerous other geniuses.

With years of experience and knowledge of all aspects of the music industry,  Cole was ready for a new venture and in 2007,  he started Wright of Center Music.  Wright of Center Music’s first signing, turned out to be the most productive. Dave Pahanish penned 3 #1 hits, and numerous other cuts during the 8 years he wrote at Wright of Center Music. Wright of Center Music currently manages approximately 300 Dave Pahanish songs and 200 Brad Tursi songs (Old Dominion Band Member).  Wright of Center Music’s only active writer currently is Kenneth Duncan.  An amazing wordsmith and melodic master.  Stay tuned for big things to come from Kenneth!

Interesting side note: Colby’s great, great uncle was P.T. Barnum.